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- is a cloud trade-marketing service, that combines the exchange of freelancing, business process automation and optimization of costs.

The existing version of the service allows to plan, manage and control the activities of field staff. As a rule, it is dispersed throughout the country teams (merchandisers, promoters, supervisors, sales agents, etc.) Such personnel has to collect digital or text information (for example, in shops) - like the remnants of the goods, facings, order, damaged or expired products, comments, etc. Finally, visual information - photos to confirm the compliance with the standards of the merchandising, store photos or promoters at work.

Coming soon: The databases of outlets and field staff around the world. Personnel search, selection, and employment. Salaries payment with a guarantee of quality of the work performed.

Detailed presentation

Features. the software allowes to:
  • Create routes, to link staff and shops to the routes;
  • Receive in time the reports on the situation in retail outlets;
  • Collect all types of data from points (shops), including the photo information;
  • Instantly consolidate the data into a summary report;
  • Create a various kinds of reports (OLAP);
  • Use easily the analytics data;
  • Upload reports to Excel;
  • Control completely the quality and working time of the field staff of the company (merchandisers) in retail outlets;
  • Share correctly  the load of the merchandisers;
  • Give a feedback on the reports (comments to the visits, complaints, problems, tasks);
  • Change (if necessary) the reporting format, depending on the information needed for a specific period of time;
  • Manage the process in any place where there is an Internet access.
  • Will apear soon...

  • The outlets and field staff data bases all around the world;
  • Search, selection and salaries payments with a quality guarantee of the work performed;
  • Employment of field personnel and guaranteed payment for work done;
  • Data synchronization with CRM and ERP systems, complex analytical system linking the quality of merchandising and sales results

The training course


Android application

Android application allows field personnel (merchandisers, promoters, supervisors, sales representatives or sales agents), moving on a given route, to collect and enter the text, digital and photo information into the online reporting program.

Using the Shop-In-Box application a field personnel can perform tasks on the route, see the status of visits, chat with the project participants. Based on the current information received directly from the route, client or supervisor can manage Merchandiser (promoter, sales representative or agent), control it, set goals, accept or reject the report on the implementation of the BTL project.

Android application optimizes data transfer to Shop-In-Box cloud database, depending on the available channels of communication (WI-Fi, GPRS).




The Shop-In-Box reporting, Contractors selection, arbitration
of the project cost
100% administration of the project
of the project cost
Formalization of staff in accordance with the Labor Code
taxes on the wages fund + 10% administration fee

The Shop-In-Box software reporting to manage the own team

0,19 $

per one visit report

At the beginning of software usage we recommend you to book -


 monthly fee incl. VAT 
(up to 5,000 standard reports)
  • origin of a projects
  • addition or removal of staff
  • routing
  • reports generation
  • technical support

The Companies using the Shop-In-Box software:

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Freelance Exchange

Exchange of freelancing implements the business process when Client hire online a Contractor to perform the trade marketing services in the field of trade marketing .

Users of the service - Client and Contractor register at The Client exposes the details of the project - what , where, when and propose the renumeration. Additionally the project includes the mechanics of activity, a description of products, merchandising standards, etc. The Contractor offers itself to perform certain services in specific geographic locations (outlets) for a fee. The parties may agree on a final price and all the details by using the internal chat. After agreement, the Contractor is attached to the route (schedule) of the task.

Next. The Contractor perfoms the agreed services and fills the reports in the Shop-In-Box. The Client verifies reports, approves or rejects them. Contractor can see the amount of money earned on his virtual account. This value is automatically calculated based on the cost of each service approved by Client.

When Shop-In-Box Service takes payment from the Client and pays to the Contractor, it guarantees the high quality of agreed services and its timely payment, and also allows the Client to reduce personnel costs, as well as payroll taxes and VAT. It is important that the Shop-In-Box service actively promotes the project and provides a constant increase in the number of customers and contractors in a system. Then it will be easier for Client - to search for personnel and Contractors - to look for job.

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Our team is a group of confederates with 10-15 years experience in sales, distribution, marketing. We know how many routine procedures appears in correspondent business processes, and we always wanted to automate many of them. 
We have been implemented:
Goodbuystock – Internet service for the sale of surplus (overstock) of goods. We are currently working on version 2.
SMSprogramm – SMS Marketing  Incentive service for motivation of sales personal and buyers. 
Shop-In-Box – a service for the field staff management.
  • "Startup of the Year  2013 "  Award
    Shop-in-Box  Project  is nominated in the category "Technology startup" and "Internet start-up" on the famous Russian Annual Award "Startup of the Year".

  • Project Shop-in-Box nominated for the famous Russian Annual Award of SaaS-solutions "Clouds 2013".

  • The SHOP-IN-BOX project is participating in the  start-ups competition during the  IDCEE-2013

  • We start the development of Adnroid application

  • Wellcome New Brands to Shop-In-Box - Energizer, Trisa, Schick.

  • Launching an updated version of the online reporting software.