Participation the IDCEE-2013

The SHOP-IN-BOX project is participating in the start-ups competition during the IDCEE-2013

The fourth IDCEE - international conference on Internet technology and innovation will be held in Kiev, October 10-11. In the heart of Eastern Europe will gather an unprecedented audience - Internet entrepreneurs, investors, startups, executives of IT-companies, geeks and bloggers.

The IDCEE entered the Top-5 European conferences in the field of Internet technology and

entrepreneurship. In 2013, at IDCEE will gather more than 2500 participants from 45 countries around the world, more than 70 prominent speakers, more than 300 representatives from international venture capital funds and business angels. The Startups Alley will have 150 startups. The prize fund for start-ups is over 30,000 euros.

IDCEE: ideas matter

Shop-in-Box - is a cloud trade-marketing service, that combines the exchange of freelancing, business process automation and optimization of costs.

The existing version of the service allows to plan, manage and control the activities of field staff. As a rule, it is dispersed throughout the country teams (merchandisers, promoters, supervisors, sales agents, etc.) Such personnel has to collect digital or text information (for example, in shops) - like the remnants of the goods, facings, order, damaged or expired products, comments, etc. Finally, visual information - photos to confirm the compliance with the standards of the merchandising, store photos or promoters at work.

Coming soon: The databases of outlets and field staff around the world. Personnel search, selection, and employment. Salaries payment with a guarantee of quality of the work performed.

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